Floral Arrangement Tips From Artist Leah Meltzer

Written by Alex Navarro

As I walked to the showroom this morning, the earth saturated from last night’s down pour and the sky still dark with rain clouds, Austin has never looked more lush. My path has been lined with wildflowers for months now and I have made it a joyful habit to pick a bunch and arrange them in vases throughout the shop so that all day I have fresh flowers near me.



A few weekends ago, we celebrated Mother's Day by bringing together twenty mothers, daughters, and husbands, turning the Kettle & Brine showroom into a creative space bursting with local flora. New friends gathered 'round to express themselves through the floral medium, while sipping cava all afternoon.  Bucket after bucket of wildflowers in full bloom, roses, as well as fruiting peach branches, wispy, romantic vines, and fragrant foliage foraged from the wild or from local farms filled the space. We can still smell the fragrant aroma.


Shown here: Jono Smart Vase and Picardie Tumbler 

We took home DIY tips from Austin artist Leah Pipes Meltzer, who uses a wild and inspired approach to floral arrangement. Leah demonstrated her distinctive approach to the fine art of natural floral design utilizing the freshest, local seasonal flowers. 

Work around a central focus using different sizes, shapes like wispy fillers or heavy roses to balance out the composition.


Each of us spent time selecting the flowers we wanted to arranged in a custom hand thrown porcelain vase created for Kettle & Brine by Settle Ceramics specially made for this event. 




Leah worked personally with us to create personalized arrangements, composition and style, as well as answer questions about where to purchase or even forage our own wild flowers.


If you missed this workshop, here are a few of Leah's tips:

  • Forage wild flowers that are in abundance and take only what you need.
  • Ask permission if they are on someone else’s property. More often than not they would love to share them with you.
  • Start with a simple color palette and select different values or intensity to bring your bouquet to life.
  • Work around a central focus using different sizes, shapes like wispy fillers or heavy roses to balance out the composition.
  • Adding a vine that trickles downward gives the arrangement an organic flow.
  • Don’t worry about symmetry... Asymmetrical forms can often be more dynamic and interesting.



round up of some of the varied pieces created during the workshop



Arrangement by: Belle Miller
Arrangement by Jillian Flook
Arrangement by: Domini Floyd
Kristin Peabody
Arrangement by: Kristin Peabody
Arrangement by: Allison Thomas
Arrangement by: Jeffrey McGuckin

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  • bryon aiello

    Upon reading this article i must say that i am very pleased to have come across it. Just like a Picasso form of art, what makes it unique is the fact that the tips do not follow what the norm of beauty demands which is to stay on a pattern, to flow and to match. Sometimes a drooping vine or a broken pattern of colors allows the flowers to stand out and become unique in a room of many. great post and great tips on how to open us to the idea that beauty has no limits, especially in our beloved world of flowers.

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