DIY Cold Brew Kit

There's nothing like a delicious glass of iced coffee on a hot summer day. Even better? Making your very own brew just the way you like it, adding some spices like cinnamon, or a pinch of cayenne for a Mexican coffee, or brewing with coconut water for a refreshing summer twist. 

CoffeeSock's DIY Cold Brew Kit is so easy to use, even the most coffee-challenged of us can feel at ease. Superior to paper and metal filters, their organic cotton filters are rich in aromatic oils, promote balanced acid, and leave no unpleasant bitterness (you can even use this kit to make your own almond or cashew milk!).

We've put together an easy step-by-step guide to follow to make your very own perfect brew. 


Step One:

First you'll need to soak the coffee sock with boiling fresh water for about 10 minutes to pre-shrink it before its' first use. 

Step Two: 

Pour out the hot water and place the sock inside so the opening is draped over the mouth of the jar. Then fill the sock with your favorite coffee (ground medium to course) about half-way full for a medium roast. If you wanted to add your own spices like cinnamon or cayenne, this is also when you would do so. 

      Step Three: 

      Bloom the grounds with fresh water by pouring just enough water in to get them thoroughly soaked. Let sit for 60 seconds. 

      Step Four: 

      Once the grounds have bloomed for a minute, tie-off the canvas sock by wrapping the loop around the top. Keep the glass ring hanging off the side of the jug. Then finish pouring fresh cool water into the jug, filling up as far as you'd prefer for strength - we filled ours up just above the "6 cups" line notated on the jug. 

      Step Five: 

      Place the lid over the top of the brewer, and leave in fridge for 12-16 hours. 

      Step Six: 

      Once the brewer has sat overnight, remove the lid and drape the sock just over the mouth of the jar to allow remaining coffee to drip completely into jar. 

      Step Seven: 

      Top off the jar with cool water to your desired brew strength. We just added about an extra inch of water (or two additional cups) into our brew. 

       And voilà! You've just brewed your very own delicious refreshing iced coffee to last all week (or if you're like us - maybe just a few days!). 

      CoffeeSock's DIY Cold Brew Kit