We are thrilled that we had the chance to host Julie Pointer in celebrating her new book, Wabi-Sabi Welcome, which was released earlier this month. Guests arrived, and together we learned about the beauty of natural imperfection and a life of chosen simplicity. 


During the workshop, we got our hands dirty by cutting and creating arrangements that represented the essence of wabi-sabi. As the owner of Olivetta Florals, Julie gave us all tips on how she creates works of art through foliage. 


When working with an arrangement, especially on a budget, the filler is crucial. These are green and leafy pieces that give body to the arrangement and are the cheapest selections you will find at a farmer's market or grocery store. 


Think about picking up pieces that have movement and energy to them. If you find filler with character, specifically something that has different angles or unique colors, it will make your wabi-sabi arrangement have a personal touch.

Focal Flower

Now that you have your filler and flair, find a flower that you love to look at! Throw in flowers that compliment each other with color, shape and texture. These flowers are usually the more expensive pieces wherever you choose to buy them, so having the other aspects in your arrangement will keep you from spending more. 


Remember, if you want to keep your wabi-sabi arrangement fresh and long-lasting, trim the leaves that are underneath the water line. This allows the stems to prevent from molding and keeps the florals alive and bright. 

wabi-sabi flowers

After the workshop, we mingled around the shop and enjoyed snacks and wine while looking at each other's creations. If you haven't yet, check out Julie's book, Wabi-Sabi Welcome to catch a glimpse of wabi-sabi from around the world. Read more about about how Julie lives a Wabi-Sabi inspired life here.

Stay connected to hear about our upcoming events at Kettle and Brine, and many thanks to Julie Pointer for enlightening us with her warm and inspiring spirit.