How to Create an Easy, Beautiful Tablescape

Written by Tarica Navarro

How to make easy tablescape

When it comes to breathing life into a room. adding a little greenery to your space can go a long way. And while creating a tablescape of flowers for your dining table can seem daunting, it doesn't have to be. Grab those filler flowers at the florist that often get overlooked or even the pesky weeds in your yard to create beautiful, pared-down arrangements that can be switched out weekly without breaking your budget. Here's five tips to do just that.

Floral Tablescape 1

Keep it simple: Forage wild flowers that are in abundance and take only what you need. 

Pick a color: Start with a simple color palette and select one dominant shade to work with.

Mix things up: When selecting vases or containers to hold the flowers, use a mix of different shapes and sizes to give variety.

Tablescape with food

Consider edibles: Use food as a part of the tablescape to make it more engaging.

Don't strive for perfection: Loose arrangements that follow the philosophy of wabi-sabi allow for a more laid-back atmosphere.

Photos by Kate Zimmerman.