Carbon Steel Omelet Pan
Carbon Steel Omelet Pan
Carbon Steel Omelet Pan
Carbon Steel Omelet Pan


Carbon Steel Omelet Pan

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Made to withstand the abuse of a professional French kitchen, this Mineral B De Buyer carbon steel pan not only boasts utilitarian beauty, but also performs exceptionally well for browning, searing, and frying on stovetop. The heavy gauge steel retains heat, while reducing the weight typical of their cast iron cousins. Sloped sides make flipping and plating an omelet an ease. Treat this pan well and it will love you back tenfold. It has become our household favorite.

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9 1/2" diam.

Heavy gauge carbon steel. Read more about carbon steel in our journal.

Wash pan thoroughly in hot water to remove bee's wax coating and reveal raw steel beneath. To season this pan prior to use, we recommend following this approach, using food olive oil, salt, and potato peels. Trust us on this. You won't be sorry. Oil pan thoroughly with each use. To clean, add 1 tablespoon of coarse salt and oil and scour with a paper towel. Rinse off excess with water and no soap. Use a soft brush if needed. We love our Japanese palm scrubber. Wipe dry and apply a light coat of oil to store.