Picardie Tumblers - Set of 6
Picardie Tumblers - Set of 6
Picardie Tumblers - Set of 6


Picardie Tumblers - Set of 6

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These iconic vintage style glasses hail from the French cafes and bistros dating back to the 1940s. Designed by French company Duralex in 1927 using Saint-Gobain's patented glass tempering method, these multi-functional tumblers are 2.5 times stronger than typical glassware and can withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold, making them suitable for everything from piping hot coffee to smoothies and everything in between. While Duralex glasses are shock resistant, if they do break, the tempered glass shatters into little blunt pieces like a windshield causing no harm. With so much to love, we use smaller sized versions for training little hands, prone to dropping breakable items.

3 1/4 oz. - shot glass
4 5/8 oz. - espresso
5 3/4 oz. - small cocktail
7 3/4 oz. - large cocktail/wine
8 3/4 oz. - coffee/wine
12 oz. - juice/water
17 1/2 oz. - smoothie/large water

Tempered glass


Dishwasher, freezer, microwave safe. These glasses are virtually indestructible.