Stainless French Press Coffee System


Double Wall Insulated French Press

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Coffee connoisseurs do not want to miss this one. The Espro French performance press may look simple and utilitarian, but do not let that fool you. The double walled vacuum insulated exterior keeps coffee piping hot for all our lazy brunch sessions (or studio crunch hours), while the double mesh interior filter ensures the last cup is as great as the first. Sludge, and over-extraction are words of the past.

Medium makes 18 oz (1.5-2 US cups, 3-4 EU cups)
Large makes 32 oz (3-4 US cups, 6-8 EU cups)

Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free
Polished stainless steel exterior

Preheat carafe for best results. Heat water to 200F or about 30 seconds off the boil and pour just enough to cover fresh medium ground coffee in the carafe. We prefer about 2 heaping tablespoons of grounds per 8 oz. of water. Allow to bloom for 30 seconds before filling the remaining water. Replace the lid and allow to brew for 4 minutes. Press, and serve proudly.