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Tarica Navarro


Born out of a love for good food and great design, Kettle & Brine was launched from a desire to live more thoughtfully through the objects we choose to surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Our spirit is best captured by our name: The kettle represents the utilitarian accessories, while the brine stands for the extra efforts that go into making a meal great.

In our world, food is consumed visually as well as physically.

We support craftspeople who share our core values and believe in sustainable practices. We believe that food should be nourishing to the body, and the plate and setting in which it sits should be worthy of its contents. We hope that our forever pieces find their way into your home.
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Tarica Navarro, K&B Owner

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Kettle & Brine's Core Values

01 — Function

The right tool for the right job done well

Because the best things are often also the simplest, we focus on daily essentials that enable you to eat better and do more with less.

03 — The Planet

Earth-friendly materials and production methods

Like us, the craftsmen and makers we work with create quality goods with sustainable practices.

02 — Design

Inspiring, heirloom-quality products built to last

Good design should withstand the test of time, remaining your favorite as they age with grace.

04 — Wellness

Minimally-processed, non-toxic materials

You can’t live well without feeling well, which is why our products are made with non-synthetic and organic materials.

Notable Press

A quick perusal of the shop reveals Kettle & Brine to be more than your average kitchen supply store. Rather, it is a place that connects people with food and celebrates worldly craft. –Sallie Lewis, Tribeza

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