Aoyoshi Pour Over Kettle
Aoyoshi Pour Over Kettle
Aoyoshi Pour Over Kettle


Aoyoshi Pour Over Kettle

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Coffee aficionados and design lovers unite as this striking kettle combines beauty and grace of form with the precision of function. The gentle sloped gooseneck spout delivers a steady stream of water to promote an even extraction when used with one of our manual drippers to please even the most discerning of palettes. The light weight and angled wooden handle allows for a comfortable relaxed grip. Take it straight from the hob over to your brew kit of choice and create the perfect morning ritual.


12" from spout to handle x 6" tall. Holds 34 fl. oz.

Stainless steel, wood handle and knob

To ensure even extraction of coffee grounds, be sure to wait 30 seconds after boil to allow water temperature to come down to about 200F. After all, wouldn't you want to enjoy all the subtle notes and nuances of your specialty coffee for a teeny bit of extra effort? Kettle can be used directly over stovetop. Not intended for microwave or oven. Rinse with dish soap and water as needed, but keep out of the dishwasher.