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Japanese Copper Kettle
Japanese Copper Kettle
Japanese Copper Kettle


Japanese Copper Kettle

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With its graceful, timeless design, the Azmaya kettle transcends the traditional aesthetic with its simple clean form. Both durable and lightweight, this traditional Japanese kettle heats up fast on the stove and is easy to clean. The exterior is coated in bees wax when shipped but with use it will begin to develop a lovely darkened patina. Copper is the most heat conductive cookware material, making it the most efficient for heating water. Interior is lined with nickel. 


7.75"D x 9.5" H - holds 2.18 litres

Copper lined with nickel interior. Read more about the properties of copper cookware in our journal.

Always fill the kettle completely to prevent scorching the interior surface. Never heat an empty vessel. Polish with a copper cleaner or lemon and vinegar to remove tarnish if desired, but we prefer ours to patina and age with grace.