Elongated Walnut Serving Board
Elongated Walnut Serving Board
Elongated Walnut Serving Board

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Elongated Walnut Serving Board

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Elegantly shaped with a soft finish and handles comfortably sized for the palm, this black walnut board double duties as a serve board and sturdy cutting board in addition to being gorgeous on display. Includes a leather bootlace loop for hanging when not in use. Half-moon cutouts serve as a second handle or to direct chopped fare. Each board is seasoned, finished, and buffed by hand.

Finished with food-safe walnut oil and wax coating.

10"w x 22"d x 7/8"h, 6 1/2" handle

Black Walnut
Food-safe walnut oil and wax finish.

Rinse with soap and water. Do not allow to stand in water for prolonged periods. Oil with food grade mineral oil to extend the life of your pieces.

Handmade in Los Angeles